Zombie is a term used to describe a computer connected to a network that has been compromised by malicious software. The malicious software, usually a virus, can cause the computer to take on various tasks without the owner’s knowledge. These tasks may include sending spam, performing online activities such as participating in online surveys, or even becoming a part of a botnet used to commit cybercrimes such as DDoS attacks.

Zombies are often referred to as “zombie computers,” “zombie hosts,” or simply “zombies.” They are an increasingly prevalent problem for network administrators, as they can quickly add a great deal of strain to a network. Once a computer has become a zombie, the malicious software controlling it is referred to as a “zombie agent,” “zombie controller,” or “zombie master.”

Many malicious programs are designed to turn a computer into a zombie. They often come in the form of emails with seemingly innocuous attachments or links in the body of the message. However, when a user opens the attachment or clicks on the link, they may unknowingly download malicious code that compromises the computer. Once the malicious code has been installed, it can use the compromised computer to perform its activities without the user’s knowledge or permission.

The security of a network can be compromised by a zombie, as they can be used to launch cyber attacks or gain access to sensitive information. They can also be used to send spam, or be used as a platform to commit fraud or other illegal activities. To prevent zombie infections, it is important to install effective security measures on any computer connected to a network. This includes keeping antivirus software up to date, preventing users from accessing unsecure websites, and disabling any unnecessary services.

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