Cohort analysis

Cohort analysis, also known as cohort or cohort tracking, is a type of online behavior analysis used to measure the engagement levels of different groups of users. It is a powerful tool for digital product and marketing teams, allowing them to compare how various cohorts of users interact and interact with a product or website. Cohort analysis enables uses to understand their users more effectively, gain better insights into their trends and behavior, and identify what makes different users groups different from each other.

Cohort analysis is an important data analysis method in the digital product/website analytics space, and can provide valuable insights into user behaviour and trends. It allows marketers, product managers, and other stakeholders to develop better understanding their target user segments. It also provides information about user growth, user engagement, user retention, and other key metrics.

Typically, cohort analysis is done at the user level, such as analysing users who last visited the website a year ago. It is also possible to analyse at the product/website level, such as analysing daily active users or retention rates of a specific product. Through this kind of analysis, digital product/website teams can find out which users are most engaged or loyal, and identify potential user segmentation.

Cohort analysis can also help product and website teams to benchmark their success against similar products or sites in the industry. By gathering and comparing data points from different cohorts, such as user behaviours, user demographics, or conversion rates, it is possible to gain valuable insights on how certain features are performing and how user behaviour is changing over time. This kind of analysis can help teams optimize their product and develop better marketing strategies.

Finally, cohort analysis can also help teams to identify what makes certain user segments unique or different from the rest. This allows product/web teams to develop more targeted marketing campaigns and product content. Additionally, cohort analysis provides an in-depth understanding of customers that can be used to develop future product plans.

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