Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a type of cloud computing that reduces the cost and complexity of applications by using a centrally hosted model. It allows a user to access software on demand without having to purchase, install or maintain the application themselves. The cloud-based technology allows users to use a subscription-based pricing model that often includes data storage, support and maintenance services.

SaaS is typically delivered over the internet as an application and is commonly used in business and consumer applications, particularly those which require a high degree of scalability and flexibility. The most common types of applications delivered in a SaaS model are CRM, ecommerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and applications for collaboration.

The primary benefit of SaaS applications is that organizations do not need to install the applications themselves. They also save money on infrastructure and hardware, since the cloud provider manages and operates the network and servers instead. Organizations can also benefit from reduced time to market for new applications, since the cloud-based platform allows for rapid deployment and setup of the application.

Overall, SaaS provides organizations with a simplified approach to providing applications. It eliminates much of the complexity and burden associated with traditional software models, allowing organizations to focus on the needs of their customers.

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