Update July 2024:

10% Bonus for Cryptocurrency Payments is Back!

We are pleased to announce that the 10% bonus for payments made with cryptocurrency is back. This promotion is a fantastic opportunity for our clients to maximize their value when purchasing our proxy services.

Why is it profitable to pay in cryptocurrency

There is currently a significant amount of pressure on those who accept payments in the financial sector. Accepting money from any client becomes impossible. 

Banks and payment systems force our Fineproxy.de service to check their customers thoroughly in accordance with the KYC requirement.

You probably do not want to communicate via Skype with our manager when purchasing the service, who will check your name in the passport with the data entered during registration? 

We also do not want to collect data from our customers, process and store it. We do not need it. We love and appreciate each client and want to make using our service as simple as possible. 

Therefore, we will try to accept VISA, MC cards, bank payments, Stripe, etc. for as long as possible. 


We strongly recommend that our clients acquire cryptocurrency in order to pay for our services. More and more services and online stores, including ours, accept payments in USDT, BTC, ETH, etc.

It’s fast, simple, and works all over the world, regardless of jurisdictions, nationalities, and ever-changing political situations.


Is cryptocurrency legal in Germany?

Answer: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are treated as private money by the tax authorities — the German Federal Central Tax Office or the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (BZSt). This means that — it is not property, legal tender or foreign currency.

In Germany, transactions of purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in the amount of up to 600 euros are not taxed.

Where can I buy cryptocurrency in Germany?

Answer: Bitcoin.de, Bity, CEX.io, eToro and Coinbase are some of the exchanges and platforms where you may acquire cryptocurrency in Germany. They are secure and allow you to make purchases using bank accounts and credit cards.

Can I buy cryptocurrency with PayPal in Germany?

Answer: Yes, for example, Paxful, LocalBitcoins and LocalCryptos support the purchase of cryptocurrencies in over 300 different ways, including banks and PayPal.

Which method of purchasing cryptocurrencies do you recommend?

Answer: We are not experts in the field of cryptocurrencies and cannot recommend any particular exchange service or a particular cryptocurrency exchange. Fineproxy.de is not affiliated with any of the above companies.

10% bonus when paying with cryptocurrency

To further encourage our customers to use cryptocurrencies to pay for our services, we offer a 10% bonus for replenishing the balance or paying for proxy services with cryptocurrencies.

For example, if a client deposits the equivalent of 100 USD in any cryptocurrency to his account, then we will credit him with an extra 10 USD, which he may use to pay in our service.

The bonus is credited when paying for any package or replenishing the internal balance in our system. In order for the bonus to be credited to you, please send us a short message via the ticket system. Your bonus will be credited within a few hours.

This promotion has no expiration date and can be used an unlimited number of times.

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