Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a commonly used colloquialism and Internet slang term used to describe a list of common questions and answers related to a particular topic. The term is often associated with computer-related information, as FAQs are used as a form of document in the software and technology industry to answer common user questions related to technical products, software or services.

FAQs are often used on the home or help pages of websites and can include details such as how to install, troubleshoot, or utilize a particular piece of software or hardware. This type of online documentation is an essential element of good customer service, as it allows customers to solve their own issues without having to contact a customer service representative.

Frequently Asked Questions are usually organized in a list form and answer questions like: What is this product? How do I install it? What are the features? Frequently Asked Questions often feature related topics or deeper dive into the most common issues and provide links to additional resources. This helps direct users to the right information, and also allows for more coverage of the subject matter.

FAQs are an effective way to provide customers and users with detailed support and information about computer products and services quickly and efficiently. They can also serve as helpful resources for troubleshooting technical issues. As such, they continue to be a fundamental element of good computer user support.

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